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Introducing the second of the two March issues of Tattoo Love magazine!

This edition is 100% in english, with 310 pages featuring the best of the best from the international tattoo scene.

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What can you find in this edition of Tattoo Love magazine, Tattoo Love 33?

In this edition of Tattoo Love, Tattoo Love 33, you will discover a variety of content. We detail it below:

  • The top 3 tattoo products recommended by various artists around the world and why they are essential in their booth.
  • Interview with Sude Erdem, a tattoo artist from Turkey known for her realistic black and grey tattoos with spectacular color touches.
  • Interview with Mac Simms from the United Kingdom, known for his impressive realistic and abstract tattoos.
  • Interview with Anna Belle, an Australian tattoo artist based in the United States, known for her realistic and terrifying tattoos, some of the best in the world.
  • We take a special look at the work and evolution of Samuel Boman, a tattoo artist from Finland specializing in realism. He handles both black and grey and color with the same incredible skill.
  • Report: What mistakes should both tattoo studios and tattoo artists avoid when seeking or applying for employment, respectively? Taking into account key points we show will undoubtedly help make the selection process more agile and fruitful for both parties.
  • Opinion article “Ink & Bytes”: Will machines or robots be able to perform tattoos like tattoo artists? We put it up for debate, but either way, it is undeniable that we must embrace current and future technology to not fall behind.
  • Tattoo Gallery: some of the most recent tattoos done by various of our collaborating artists from around the world. Impressive works of art from European, Asian, American, and Spanish tattoo artists.
  • Artists Directory: all international tattoo artists who support our international editions of Tattoo Love.

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You will be able to enjoy 310 pages with spectacular images, articles, and interviews. The best of the best in international tattooing!

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