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Annual Price!

Collaborate by paying a single annual fee and let us show you everything we can do for you as a Professional Tattoo Artist…

If you are a Tattoo Artist or Tattoo Studio, you are on the best tattoo portal to promote yourself and your tattoos.

At Tattoo Love, we offer you our website and 100% digital monthly tattoo magazines to bring you closer to your clients and gain more notoriety in the sector.

By advertising on Tattoo Love, you will have constant promotion, you can showcase your best tattoos, and you will get closer to the clients you desire.

Check the description to see what we offer you in detail.



What does advertising on Tattoo Love include?

As a Tattoo Artist or Tattoo Studio, your subscription includes:

  • Prominent promotional listing in the Artists section of our website.
  • Coverage on our social networks.
  • Full-page publication of your tattoos in our monthly magazines for an entire year.
  • Participation in opinion articles in our magazines throughout the year.

Why an annual plan?

Simply because it allows you to have a greater presence online, gain more notoriety in the sector, and reach more potential clients.

This way, your presence will be more intense in search engines, and you will be able to grow much more.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up for the Collaboration Plan with Tattoo Love, the following steps will be taken:

  • We will contact you by email within 48 hours after the Plan has been contracted.
  • We will request information and graphic material from you to start promoting you on our website and social networks.
  • Each month, we will contact you to request material for each of our monthly magazines with the aim of offering you the best promotion.

What will happen after the subscription period ends?

At Tattoo Love, we will NOT make any charges to your account without your consent.

After the sponsorship period, we will contact you to request the renewal of the sponsorship.

Advantages of Advertising in Tattoo Love

TattooLove.world is aimed at lovers of the tattoo industry as well as professional Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Studios around the world.

Tattoo Love belongs to the company Cool Tattoo SL, with which we have been offering advertising services to the tattoo sector since 2006.

Therefore, our team has extensive experience that we put at your disposal to ensure that you reach your target audience.

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