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María Álvarez: Navigating the World of Tattoo Artistry from Valencia to New York

From Industrial Design to Ink

María Álvarez’s journey into the tattoo industry began unconventionally during her first year studying industrial design in college. While initially pursuing a path of creation and invention, María’s passion for art took a decisive turn towards tattooing after meeting a graffiti artist who introduced her to a local tattoo studio in Castellón. Although her apprenticeship was brief, it planted the seed for her future career.

A Career Forged by Opportunity and Growth

Despite returning to her studies, María couldn’t shake off the allure of tattooing. Post-college, fueled by encouragement and a personal mantra of repaying trust with hard work, María sought mentorship and opportunities to refine her craft. Her move to New York in 2023 was a pivotal moment, securing an O-1B artist visa and embracing the city’s entrepreneurial spirit, which aligned well with her ambitions.

Specialization in Realism and Microrealism

María specializes in realism and microrealism tattoos, finding her niche after experimenting with larger pieces. Her focus on detail and technique, such as using single needle cartridges and flat magnums for textures, highlights her meticulous approach to tattooing.

Lumbre Studios and International Collaboration

In Valencia, María co-founded Lumbre Studios, creating an artist-friendly environment. She balances her time between Valencia and New York, managing her roles efficiently with the help of her team and modern technology, ensuring she remains connected with her clientele across continents.

Cultural Influence and Expansion

María’s work reflects a blend of her interests in ancient cultures and architecture, which she weaves into her tattoo designs. Despite cultural differences between her clients in the U.S. and Spain, she finds that global trends have homogenized client preferences somewhat, with high-quality work being universally esteemed.

Personal Insights and Future Aspirations

At 30, María is not just a tattoo artist but a mentor, and an avid reader whose interests span across diverse fields. She plans to continue exploring new techniques and expanding her artistic expression while keeping specific goals close to her chest.

An Invitation to Explore More

For readers who are captivated by María Álvarez’s journey and her artistic philosophy, the full interview in Tattoo Love magazine issue #37 offers an in-depth look at her life, her career, and her visions. It’s a compelling narrative that promises to enrich anyone’s understanding of the modern tattoo landscape and the artists who shape it.

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