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We present to you the first of the two Tattoo Love magazines that you will be able to see this February 2024, 100% in digital format and in English.

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What does this edition of Tattoo Love Magazine (English edition) contain?

This edition of Tattoo Love magazine contains over 400 pages with:

  • Interviews with some of the world’s best tattoo artists.
  • Full-page featured tattoos with vibrant details.
  • Opinion piece: What do some of the most renowned tattoo artists from around the world think about tattoo apprentices?
  • Feature: The importance of perseverance on social media. Tips for improving results on Instagram. An article aimed at tattoo professionals who use social media to promote their tattoos.
  • A selection of recommended tattooing products endorsed by various tattoo artists collaborating in the magazine.

Which artists will you find in the 30th edition of Tattoo Love magazine?

In Tattoo Love 30, you will find incredible interviews with several globally recognized tattoo artists:

  • Miguel Wom: A tattoo artist who travels throughout the United States and Europe. A very persevering individual who conveys his personality in his realistic tattoos.
  • Monique Elizabeth DesRoches: A tattoo artist based in Dallas. She is known for her incredible super-realistic colorful floral tattoos.
  • Kyle Warwick: A tattoo artist from Cambridge where color and graffiti dominate all of his tattoos. An explosion of colors and creativity that will leave you impressed.
  • Domantas Parvainis (Lithuania): With such a unique style that there’s no need to sign his tattoos to know they are his… He oscillates between realism and fantasy, and we assure you that his tattoos are special…
  • James Randall (Staffordshire, UK): With some brutal color tattoos. Undoubtedly, one of the best tattoo artists in all of Europe in this field, according to us.
  • Gustavo (Bulldog Tattoo): A Spanish tattoo artist who travels to various countries around the world. With a captivating character that he knows how to convey in his realistic tattoos.
  • Fabio Duran: An Argentine tattoo artist based in Portugal. You must not miss what he has to say and, above all, the quality of his “futuristic” tattoos!

Do you like the content?

Don’t hesitate and get the magazine for only 3.25 euros!

You will be able to enjoy over 400 pages with spectacular images, articles, and interviews. The best of the best in international tattooing!


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