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Lena Diamanti – USA

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Fabio Duran (Portugal)

Join us on a fascinating journey into the world of realistic and fantastic tattoos with Fabio Duran, a talented Argentine tattoo artist with nearly 6 years of experience. Fabio shares his beginnings in the tattoo world, his passion for realism, and his distinctive style that […]

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Discovering WJX ULTIMATE Needles: A Revolution in Tattoo Art In the realm of body art, where precision and innovation are key, “WJX ULTIMATE Tattoo Professional Cartridges” stand as a true revolution. Designed to push the boundaries of traditional tattoo technology, these needles are here to […]

Needles Tattoo Material
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Mast Archer S

Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine with 4.2MM Stroke Ultra Fast Charging | Mast Archer S In the tattoo world, where innovation and precision are key, the Mast Archer S by Dragonhawk stands out as a revolution. This device redefines the tattoo artist’s experience with its […]

Tattoo Machines Tattoo Material
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Hornet Tattoo Care

The Hornet Care Cream 40 ml is a tattoo healing cream that forms a protective layer, hydrating and safeguarding the skin for perfect healing. It features a distinct wasp honey scent that is sure to be loved. Its 40 ml format is ideal for caring […]

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AI in Tattoo Design: Artistic Integrity or Creative Evolution?

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At the crossroads of technology and art, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing countless fields, extending its capabilities into the world of tattoo design. This innovation opens a new horizon of possibilities, allowing artists to explore previously unimaginable territories and clients to customize their ideas like […]

How Do You Prefer to Learn New Techniques?

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Hello, tattoo artist community! In the art of tattooing, continuous learning is key to developing and refining techniques. We’d like to know if you have taken any courses to improve your tattooing skills and, if so, what your preference is regarding the learning mode. The […]