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Carlo Tattooer: Mastering the Art of Black and White Realism in Tattooing

Early Influences and Beginnings

Carlo Tattooer’s artistic journey began with a talent for drawing nurtured from a young age, transitioning into graffiti by the age of twelve. This form of street art continues to influence his style today. His initial foray into tattooing began at sixteen, leading to professional work by 2018. His affinity for stark, colorless imagery drove him to specialize in Black & Grey realism, a niche that allows him to merge his graffiti roots with intricate tattoo art.

Path and Development

Carlo’s career trajectory has been fueled by relentless training and a drive to refine his skills continually. While he didn’t mention specific mentors, he is inspired by prominent artists like Neon Judas for their bold contrasts and Waler Montero for their surrealistic approaches, reflecting the significant influence of contemporary tattoo artists on his work.

Technical Mastery in Black and White

The greatest technical challenges for Carlo in Black & Grey realism include achieving strong contrasts, smooth gradients, and capturing the emotional depth of his subjects. He has transitioned to using grey color sets from World Famous Ink, prioritizing black to achieve depth and finishing with the lightest greys and whites to refine each piece.

Client Collaboration Process

The tattooing process for Carlo starts with an in-depth consultation to fully grasp the client’s vision, followed by creating several design concepts using digital tools like Procreate. This collaborative approach ensures that the final design aligns with the client’s desires while staying true to Carlo’s artistic style.

Creativity and Motivation

Staying motivated in a monochromatic palette, Carlo finds satisfaction in client happiness and the continuous pursuit of improvement. Each tattoo is a unique project, providing fresh challenges and opportunities to enhance his craft.

Handling Diverse Client Requests

Carlo sees complex client requests as opportunities for growth, tackling them as challenges within his stylistic boundaries. If a project doesn’t align with his vision, he refers clients to colleagues, ensuring their needs are met without compromising his artistic integrity.

Future Aspirations and Advice

Focused on deepening his expertise in Black & Grey realism, Carlo is interested in exploring surreal elements and potentially integrating color into his designs. His advice to aspiring tattoo artists is straightforward yet powerful: commit fully to improving every day.

Studio Collaboration

Working in a communal studio with four other artists, Carlo enjoys the collaborative and dynamic environment, which complements his creative process. He is open to the possibility of establishing his own studio in the future, indicating his aspirations towards leadership in the tattoo community.

Personal Reflections

At 35, Carlo balances his professional life with hobbies like graffiti, painting, cooking, and traveling. His music tastes vary with his mood, underscoring his adaptive and creative personality. In a hypothetical scenario of saving only essentials, Carlo would choose his family, emphasizing the importance of personal relationships over material possessions.

Invitation to Explore More

For readers intrigued by Carlo Tattooer’s unique blend of Black & Grey realism and his journey from graffiti artist to tattoo master, the full story in Tattoo Love magazine issue #37 offers an in-depth exploration of his artistic philosophy, his techniques, and personal insights.

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