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Discovering the World of Tattooing with a Master of Realistic Horror, Anna Belle, an Australian tattoo artist based in the United States, known for her realistic and terrifying tattoos, some of the best in the world.

In issue number 33 of Tattoo Love magazine (March 2024), we had the privilege of diving into the world of tattooing with a unique artist, Anna Belle (USA), known for her impressive realistic and terrifying color tattoos. Here, we offer you a glimpse into this in-depth interview, hoping to spark your curiosity to explore the full conversation.

Beginnings and Specialization

The artist’s journey began in a street tattoo shop, taking on any style that clients desired. Over time, she specialized in what today sets her apart: realistic horror in color, a choice inspired by her passion for dark music and the artists who create it.

Influences and Creative Process

From movies to books and personal experiences, various elements have shaped her unique style. The creative process is collaborative, starting with a detailed conversation with the client to ensure that the final vision is perfect, using tools like Procreate to meticulously design and plan each tattoo.

Challenges and Color Selection

Working with colors, especially in terrifying themes, presents unique challenges, such as managing client expectations and choosing color palettes that enhance the narrative of each piece, where contrast plays a crucial role.

Experiences and Future

The artist shares her experiences as a traveling tattooist and her participation in tattoo conventions and art exhibitions, as well as her observations on the demand for her specific style in different places. Looking to the future, she hopes to continue learning and exploring new techniques, including oil painting.

Advice for Enthusiasts

For those seeking their first tattoo, especially one with a terrifying theme, the advice is clear: do your research and find the right artist, fostering a trust relationship essential to the process.

Personal Life

Beyond tattooing, the artist shares her hobbies, musical influences, and the importance of family and nostalgic memories of the 90s in her life.

Do you want more information?

You can view a full interview in Tattoo Love issue #33.

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