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Introducing the second of the two April issues of Tattoo Love magazine!

This edition is 100% in english, with 336 pages featuring the best of the best from the international tattoo scene.

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What can you find in this edition of Tattoo Love magazine, Tattoo Love 35?

In this edition of Tattoo Love, Tattoo Love 35, you will discover a variety of content. We detail it below:

  • Critique and arguments against artists who diminish the value of digital publications when promoting themselves. What are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising in physical formats vs online like Tattoo Love magazine? In our opinion article, we will provide significant data on this.
  • We highlight 2 products from Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply, with which Tattoo Love has reached a sponsorship agreement.
  • Special mention to Alex Prequel (Magazine Cover), a tattoo artist who navigates between the United States and Canada. Specialist in the style called “Abstract Fantasy”.
  • Special mention to Filippo Rocchi (Italy), specialist in Cartoon and Color Realism style, although he is also known for being versatile.
  • Interview with Mirza Delibegović (Canada), one of the best tattoo artists in hyperrealistic tattoos, both in black and grey and in color.
  • Interview with Çağdaş Mutlu (Turkey), a spectacular tattoo artist specializing in Black and Grey Realism.
  • Interview with Ivan Trapiani (Italy), specialist in Trash Polka and Black and Grey Realism.
  • Report: It is common to see how tattoo artists post the same content on different social networks, which is a mistake. In this article, we analyze 3 current social networks and provide advice to optimize results on each of them.
  • Report: Artificial Intelligence in tattoo design. Does AI make tattoo artists “lazy”? Does it make the artist “less of an artist”? Is it true that AI steals images with copyright? We analyze these points and much more, offering advice for tattoo artists to protect their works. In addition, several artists will provide their opinion.
  • Article: We analyze the pros and cons of being a professional tattoo artist. Also, we ask the partners of various contributors what they think about living with an artist on a daily basis.
  • Tattoo gallery: We show tattoos from various contributing artists of Tattoo Love.
  • Artists Directory: We mention all the tattoo artists who regularly collaborate in the international edition of Tattoo Love.

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