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We present to you the second of the two Tattoo Love magazines that you will be able to see this February 2024, 100% in digital format.

Spanish Edition.

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What does this edition of Tattoo Love Magazine (spanish edition) contain?

This edition of Tattoo Love magazine contains 500 pages with:

  • Recommended tattoo products: We’ve asked several artists about their top 3 products when it comes to tattooing. What should not be missing in your tattoo booth?
  • Interview with Javi Rolling from Fuengirola (Málaga). While he is the creator of the character Roke Janpoke, this time we focus on him as the owner and tattoo artist in his own tattoo studio, Rolling Tattoo. However, as a tattoo artist, he won’t leave you indifferent either…
  • Interview with Emilio Fernández from Arte Eterno (Nerja, Málaga). A specialist in black and grey realistic tattoos. You’ll be amazed by the spectacular nature of his tattoos!
  • 2 tattoo artists in one! We don’t always have the opportunity to interview 2 tattoo artists in one go… This time we do it with Sammy Tattoo Jr. and Roger Ferrando… Both are the same artist, the former specializing in Black and Grey Realism and the latter specializing in oriental and traditional tattoos. Both figures tattoo as resident artists at JHTattoo (Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona).
  • Interview with El Betosky, a specialist in Black and Grey tattoos, based at the Dos Coronas Tattoo Studio in Barcelona.
  • Interview with Andrea Marín, a young piercer from Murcia, being the first to set up a 100% piercing studio in the area. You can get to know her more and see how she perceives the world of piercing. A true source of inspiration!
  • Transferring a Tattoo Studio: What should be taken into account when transferring a Tattoo Studio? After seeing some truly crazy price fluctuations, we thought it was important to offer some key points to consider if you ever need to transfer the business.
  • Let’s continue to break tattoo prices! In a previous edition of Tattoo Love, we discussed the issue of some studios slashing prices as if it were a market. The previous tone was very cynical and sarcastic. However, in this edition, while we maintain our cynical tone, we provide ideas, advice, etc. At the same time, we emphasize the advantages of staying strong by maintaining reasonable prices to ensure the viability of the business. With a simple mathematical rule, you will see the dangers of not doing so…
  • Tattoo Gallery: Tattoos of all styles by various artists who collaborate in our magazines.

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You will be able to enjoy 500 pages with spectacular images, articles, and interviews. The best of the best in spanish tattooing!


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