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Introducing the first of the two April issues of Tattoo Love magazine!

This edition is 100% in spanish, with 456 pages featuring the best of the best from the spanish tattoo scene.

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What can you find in this edition of Tattoo Love magazine, Tattoo Love 34?

In this edition of Tattoo Love, Tattoo Love 34, you will discover a variety of content. We detail it below:

  • Tattoo products recommended by several of the artists who collaborate in the magazine.
  • Opinion : criticism of tattoo artists who devalue our magazine for being “only” digital. We talk about those marketing “gurus” in detail.
  • Interview with Julio “El Cuervo Tattoo” from Torrelavega.
  • Interview with Ander Ortiz de Murua de Guipúzcoa.
  • Interview with Big Eddy from Almería.
  • Interview with Guaso from Barcelona.
  • Interview with Gamor Tattoo from Valencia.
  • Opinion / Reportage : Artificial Intelligence when creating tattoo designs, along with the opinion of several artists.
  • Reportage : we analyze the pros and cons of being a professional tattoo artist. At the same time, several couples of artists give their opinion on the matter. What does it mean to share your personal life with a tattoo artist?
  • Opinion : It is said that established professional artists are conceited…. Myth or Reality?
  • Reportage : we analyze 3 current top social networks and explain how they should be used correctly since, given what we have seen, it is not being done mostly among tattoo artists. We talk about their algorithms and offer tips to improve your results.
  • Tattoo gallery : highlighted tattoos from several Tattoo Love collaborating tattoo artists.

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You will be able to enjoy 310 pages with spectacular images, articles, and interviews. The best of the best in international tattooing!

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