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Introducing the first of the two May issues of Tattoo Love magazine!

This edition is 100% in spanish, with 464 pages featuring the best of the best from the spanish tattoo scene.

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What can you find in this edition of Tattoo Love magazine, Tattoo Love 36?

In this edition of Tattoo Love, Tattoo Love 36, you will discover a variety of content. We detail it below:

  • Tattoo material, recommended by several of our collaborating artists.
  • Opinion Article: “Enough of Mediocrity.” Some tattoo artists complain that Tattoo Studios do not open their doors to them. Enough already! It is time to do self-criticism and see if, perhaps, the problem is that they do not adequately present themselves to job offers.
  • Interview to Rocío Vigara (Málaga), expert in realistic, microrealistic and fineline tattoos.
  • Interview to Marnictattoo (Valencia), a neo-traditional tattoo crack.
  • Interview to Carlos Miranda (Barcelona), expert in black and gray realistic tattoos.
  • Interview to Juan Fortes (Barcelona and Murcia), expert in old school tattoos in black-gray.
  • Interview to Jimmyimier (Madrid), incredible realistic tattoos, anime, cartoon… Both in color and black-gray.
  • Interview to Cristina Castillo placeholder image (Valencia), one of the best in Realism. It’s amazing how he applies the color. Our Cover Girl!
  • Opinions: several artists give their opinion on What does it mean to make tattoos that move away from your “comfort zone”, that is, what happens when they tattoo something that goes out of their usual style.
  • Opinion Article: Do people currently get tattoos more for fashion or is there still a large part of the personal component? Or otherwise? Has it changed over the years? Tattoo Love We give our opinion on the matter, as well as other artists who regularly collaborate with us.
  • Reportage: «Leads on Social Networks». How to reduce private messages on social networks that cannot convert into customers? How to make information requests of higher quality and, therefore, have a greater chance of converting an interested user into a customer?
  • Tattoo Gallery: Tattoos of various styles from some of our regular collaborators.
  • Directory: list of recommended artists and services.

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