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Tattoo Love is proud to announce our upcoming project: an exclusive digital book that will gather the best tattoos from artists around the world. This photographic book will highlight about 500 tattoos, offering a window into the most spectacular works and the most talented artists on the international scene, and will be published at the end of June.

An Independent Jury…

Our goal is not only to showcase the beauty and art of tattooing but also to delve into the creativity and skill of tattoo artists who, day by day, take this form of artistic expression to new levels. To ensure maximum quality and originality, the tattoos included in this book will be selected and evaluated by an independent jury, not directly associated with Tattoo Love Editorial.

This panel will be composed of three prominent Spanish tattoo artists, who will bring their experience and critical vision to the selection of the works. They will be responsible for evaluating each tattoo, ensuring that only the best are presented in our book.

Evaluation Criteria for Tattoo Selection

At Tattoo Love, we aim for our digital book not only to be a collection of images but a true gallery of art and technique. To this end, we have established rigorous selection criteria that will be applied by our independent jury. Tattoos must achieve a minimum score of 8 out of 10 overall, analyzing the following aspects:

  1. Photo Quality: The tattoo image must be of high resolution and clarity so that the details of the tattoo are clearly appreciated. The lighting should highlight the colors, shadows, textures, etc., of the tattoo, without distracting shadows or reflections that may alter the perception of the art.
  2. Technical Quality of the Tattoo: This criterion evaluates the tattoo artist’s skill in applying the ink and the precision of the tracing. Aspects such as line clarity, consistency of filling, and precision in color gradations will be considered.
  3. Details of the Tattoo: The fine details and precision in the smallest elements of the tattoo will be scrutinized. A standout tattoo must display a level of detail that demonstrates the technical mastery of the artist, both on a small scale and in the integration of those details into the overall design.
  4. Composition and Placement: The way the tattoo adapts and flows with the body’s anatomy is crucial. This criterion evaluates how the design complements the body’s shape, considering the proportionality and visual balance of the tattoo relative to its location.
  5. Originality of the Design: We seek works that show creativity and a unique style. This point values the artist’s ability to create a design that is innovative and personal, that stands out from the crowd and presents a distinctive artistic vision.

How to Participate in the Digital Book of Tattoo Love

Tattoo Love invites tattoo artists from all over the world, whether regular contributors to the magazine or not, to participate in this exciting project. Here’s how you can submit your works to be considered:

  • Eligibility: All professional tattoo artists from any part of the world can participate.
  • Number of Submissions: Each artist may submit a maximum of 6 tattoos for evaluation, regardless of the style, size, colors, etc. All tattoos are welcome!
  • Participation Requirement: Each participant must include a mention on their Instagram to our profile @tattoolovemagazine once they have submitted the tattoos to our Editorial. For example, they can write something like: “This tattoo has been submitted to the contest that @tattoolovemagazine is holding for its upcoming digital book”.
  • Submission Deadline: All tattoos must be submitted before May 25. Make sure to meet this date for your works to be considered by our jury.
  • Method of Submission: They must be sent by email to hola@tattoolove.es
  • IMPORTANT: when sending the email with the tattoos to be presented, you must indicate your Instagram to ensure that you have mentioned us.

We are excited to see your creations and potentially include them in our book, where the best tattoos in the world will have the opportunity to be appreciated by a global and specialized audience in the art of tattooing.

Legal Aspects and Conditions of Participation in the Digital Book of Tattoo Love

  1. Use of Submitted Material: All tattoos sent to Tattoo Love for the purpose of participating in this photographic book will be used exclusively for evaluation and possible inclusion in said book. No other commercial or promotional use will be made without the explicit consent of the artist.
  2. Authorization to Use Images: By participating in this project, all participants grant Tattoo Love explicit and irrevocable permission to publish the photographs sent in the photographic book. This authorization includes the publication and distribution of such images in the context of the book.
  3. Deletion of Files: Once the book is published, Tattoo Love commits to delete from its files all images of tattoos that have not been selected for final publication, thus ensuring the privacy and protection of copyright.
  4. Confidentiality in Evaluation: Tattoo Love will not communicate to participants the results of individual evaluations of their tattoos. The final selection will be revealed only through the publication of the book.
  5. Anonymity in Evaluation: The tattoos submitted will be evaluated by the jury anonymously, without revealing the identity of the artists to the jury members to ensure an impartial valuation based solely on the quality and creativity of the work.
  6. Publication of Scores: All tattoos that are published in the book will show the score they have received from the jury, offering transparency about the selection criterion used.
  7. Maximum Number of Selections and Order of Evaluation: A maximum of 500 tattoos will be selected for inclusion in the book. The tattoos will be analyzed by the jury in order of arrival until the maximum number established is reached.

With these terms, Tattoo Love aims to ensure a fair and transparent process, respecting the rights of the artists and guaranteeing the integrity of the project. Participating in this book implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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