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TattooLove.world is a digital tattoo magazine with an international scope.

At Tattoo Love, our aim is to reach tattoo enthusiasts worldwide, introducing them to the world’s finest tattoo artists and broadening their understanding of tattoo culture.

Who Owns TattooLove.world?

Tattoo Love is owned by the Spanish company Cool Tattoo SL, which has been providing services to professional tattoo artists and Tattoo Studios in Spain since 2006. Currently, Cool Tattoo is renowned for:

  • Offering training to Tattoo Shop Managers across Spain to enhance their skills in leading their tattoo studios.
  • Providing personalized legal advice.
  • Having its own Management Software, specifically designed for Spanish tattoo studios.
  • Operating web portals where studios and tattoo artists can advertise, reaching over 10,000 people daily.
  • Managing Tattoo Love Magazine in Spain since October 2022, tattoolove.es.

About Tattoo Love

In October 2022, Cool Tattoo SL launched its first Tattoo Love magazine in Spain. The initial plan was to create a quarterly digital magazine, but due to high demand, we decided to publish two issues monthly, featuring interviews, opinion pieces, reports, professional tips, and more. Over the months, Tattoo Love Spain began interviewing more and more tattoo artists from around the world, which led us to internationalize the magazine globally, publishing an English version each month.

Some Tattoo Love Spanish Portraits, since 2022

So, what do we offer at TattooLove.World?

Since February 2024, TattooLove.world has been publishing a 100% digital tattoo magazine in English. We interview the world’s leading tattoo artists, showcasing their tattoos and expertise to tattoo lovers everywhere.

Want More Information?

You can contact us via WhatsApp (+34628667601) or by filling out the following contact form: