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Çağdaş Mutlu is a prominent tattoo artist, whose passion and dedication to the art of black and grey realistic tattooing shine through his work and words. A graduate of the fine arts faculty, Çağdaş explored various design fields before finding his true calling in tattoo art, inspired by the desire to create immortal designs with the unwavering support of his wife. His choice of black and grey style stems from his love for contrast effects and the balance between the two tones, believing that, just like the evolution of TV technology, realism has no limits and improves with detail.

Çağdaş stands out for his unique approach to each design, treating his clients’ stories with attention akin to that of a psychologist to create tattoos that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful. The importance of subject choice in his black and grey realism tattoos is paramount, working closely with clients to finalize designs that tell a personal and powerful story.

With a deep understanding of shading and texture, Çağdaş uses his training, experience, and equipment to bring life and depth to his tattoos, always aiming to refine his technique and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the tattoo industry, despite believing that tattoos transcend passing fashions.

Operating from his own studio, Humanart Studio, Çağdaş dedicates himself to personalized work, allowing for a high level of concentration and care that is reflected in the quality of his work. Throughout his career, he has undertaken numerous significant and challenging projects, among them a full sleeve design named Pera, which he considers his most meaningful work.

Çağdaş deeply values the shared experiences with his clients, treating each one as a unique signature and creating special moments for them and their families. Although he does not attend tattoo fairs, his participation in seminars and workshops underscores his commitment to professional development and knowledge sharing within the tattoo community.

His artistic vision has led him to work in multiple countries, aiming to leave immortal marks around the world, looking forward to projects in America and aspiring to work in studios in Spain and Italy. Collaboration and mutual learning with other artists enrich his practice and perspective, advising those aspiring to specialize in black and grey realism on the importance of constant research and experimentation.

On a personal level, Çağdaş describes himself as different, cultured, and adventurous, with interests that span painting, nature, and design. His life, rich in stories and experiences, could be likened to “The Matrix,” a choice reflecting his perception of reality and creativity. An admirer of Silvano in the tattoo world and with a desire to tattoo iconic figures like Michael Jordan, Çağdaş continues to explore the depths of tattoo art, always in search of new stories to tell through his art.

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