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We present the second issue of January 2024, issue number 29 of Tattoo Love magazine (Spanish edition).

Issue 29 of Tattoo Love Magazine includes:

In issue number 29 of the tattoo-focused publication, Tattoo Love (January 2024), nearly 400 pages are presented, filled with diverse content:

  • Current Affairs: Summary of activities carried out in December by the Cool Tattoo SL team.
  • Dialogue with Silvano Fiato (Genoa), who identifies as a person of great respect and a fighter, qualities reflected in his impressive ultra-realistic tattoos, both in color and black and white.
  • Conversation with Alexander Kuzmin (England), a humble artist residing in the city of Charles Darwin, known for his realistic tattoos with dreamlike elements.
  • Chat with Carmen Giráldez from La Rubia Tattoo (Barcelona), an exceptional artist whose artistic expression transcends the realm of tattooing.
  • Interview with Kaorukel (On the Road), a Spanish tattoo artist of international renown, dedicated 24/7 to the creation of oriental and Japanese neo-traditional tattoos, among other styles.
  • Dialogue with Coko Fernández, creator of handmade tattoo machines. Although previously interviewed in Tattoo Love, this time he will share different aspects of his work with the machines.
  • The Key Number: analysis of costs, revenues, clients and conversion rates. A report focused on the numerical aspect of the tattoo business, offering advice for determining profitability and success.
  • Debate on aggressive promotions in the world of tattooing: reflections on the ethics of strategies to attract clients, possible regulation of prices, and the type of clientele attracted by excessive offers.
  • Recap of the year 2023: A review of the most outstanding and challenging moments of the year, from our perspective and with the collaboration of various contributing artists.
  • Directory of Contributing Artists.
  • Guide to recommended services and products for tattoo artists and tattoo studios.

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