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Join us on a fascinating journey into the world of realistic and fantastic tattoos with Fabio Duran, a talented Argentine tattoo artist with nearly 6 years of experience. Fabio shares his beginnings in the tattoo world, his passion for realism, and his distinctive style that he likes to call “futuristic.” Currently, he resides and works in Portugal, where he continues to perfect his art and amaze his clients.

Fabio reveals how he found his artistic voice through composition and fluidity in his designs, ensuring that his tattoos fit perfectly with the body’s movement and have a striking visual impact. His clients often seek elements related to the universe, and he enjoys the creative freedom they provide.

The tattoo artist shares his techniques for achieving shadows and depth in his realistic tattoos, using layers to create solidity in his works. He discusses the challenges he faces when doing cover-up tattoos and how he addresses them with multiple sessions and reinforcements.

Fabio doesn’t have favorite tattoos since each one tells its own story. He offers aftercare advice to maintain the appearance and quality of realistic and fantastic tattoos, including the use of compresses and sunscreen after the healing process.

As for his future plans, Fabio is focused on improving the quality of his tattoos and designs, as well as expanding his work. For those interested in entering the tattoo world, he advises them to follow their passion, no matter the challenges they may encounter.

Personal Questions

  1. Age: 26 years old.
  2. Hobbies: Painting.
  3. Favorite Music: He listens to a bit of everything but identifies with the band Tool.
  4. Movie or Soundtrack that Represents His Life: He has an affinity for the band Tool.
  5. If he could have dinner with a prominent figure, he would choose a renowned tattoo artist he admires.
  6. How he Defines Himself: Mysterious and a good person.
  7. Message for Those Interested in Tattooing: He encourages them to pursue their passion and give their all to this profession, even when things are uncertain.

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