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Miguel Wom is an internationally recognized tattoo artist whose career began in a small studio and developed through self-taught learning and experimentation. Currently, he travels the world, working in the best tattoo studios and conventions, allowing him to continue growing and learning constantly.

Although he has his own private studio, Miguel collaborates with studios in various cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, and cities in Germany, France, Spain, and Turkey. This constant movement provides him with the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with other renowned tattoo artists.

Miguel has several sponsors, such as World Famous Ink, Believe Tattoo, and Emalla, who provide him with high-quality products that facilitate his work. However, he emphasizes that dedication and attention to each project are equally important as sponsors.

Regarding his work process with clients, Miguel stands out for creating exclusive designs before the appointment and focusing on communication to understand the expectations and goals of his clients.

One of the biggest challenges in his career is creating pieces that reflect his unique style, and he often faces the pressure of completing projects at tattoo conventions in a limited time.

For emerging artists looking to specialize in the style of realistic tattoos, Miguel recommends traveling, collaborating with other tattoo artists, and remaining humble in the learning process.

Miguel also highlights current trends in the world of tattoos, such as collaborations between artists and the influence of artificial intelligence on tattoo design.

Regarding tattoo care, he recommends natural products for healing and aftercare, such as those from Believe Tattoo.

Despite his dedication to his career, Miguel also has passions outside of tattooing, such as martial arts and CrossFit, as well as art and exploring museums.

Finally, he encourages people to choose their tattoo artist carefully and enjoy the process of getting a unique tattoo that will accompany them throughout their lives.

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If you want to learn more about Miguel Wom and see some of his most outstanding tattoos, you can find him in Tattoo Love magazine issue number 30.

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