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We present the first issue of January 2024, issue number 28 of Tattoo Love magazine (Spanish edition).

Issue 28 of Tattoo Love Magazine includes:

  • Highly recommended tattoo materials by prominent Spanish tattoo artists associated with Tattoo Love.
  • We talk with Miguel Ameliach, a tattoo artist from Venezuela, who currently resides in Luxembourg. He is a master at creating realistic tattoos both in color and black and white. His works are amazing!
  • Dialogue with Sumok Kim, originally from South Korea and now established between the United States and Canada. His obsessive dedication is reflected in the exceptional quality of his high-contrast realistic tattoos.
  • Chat with Dean Gunther, born in South Africa and now living in Manchester. He creates extraordinary realistic color tattoos. Considered one of the best in this specialty worldwide!
  • Focus on Richard Arthur, a Brazilian tattoo artist known for his impressive realistic color tattoos… An ultra-realism that even surpasses photographs!
  • Article about Roke Janpoke, where we detail the stir he caused on social media last December. A provocateur or a marketing genius? Regardless, this individual caused a lot of uproar, criticism, and discontent… We reveal the details and bring you his point of view!
  • The reaction of a tattoo apprentice… In a past edition of Tattoo Love, we published an article about tattoo apprentices. A reader responded very upset about it, and in this edition, we share their message and offer our honest opinion.
  • Threads for tattoo artists: What is Threads and what is its purpose? How do its algorithms operate? What advantages can this social network offer to the tattoo field? We explain everything in detail.
  • Tattoo Gallery: a selection of works by artists collaborating with Tattoo Love.

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