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Discover the Artistic Journey of Sude Erdem: A Master of Black and Grey Realism in Tattooing

In the 33rd edition of Tattoo Love magazine (March 2024), we delve into the captivating world of Sude Erdem, a Turkish tattoo artist renowned for her black and grey realistic tattoos.

This interview reveals the depth of her artistry, her journey, and the passion that drives her exceptional work.

Starting in the Tattoo World

Sude’s journey into tattooing began with a background in fine arts, both in high school and university, and a stint as an art tutor.

Her transition into tattooing was sparked by a suggestion from a private art student, quickly proving her prowess with her third tattoo gaining significant attention.

Creative Process

Sude emphasizes the uniqueness of creating realistic tattoos, starting from scratch and considering the anatomical structure, daily movement, and healing process.

This approach showcases her skill in capturing the essence of realism in her designs.

Distinctive Approach

What sets Sude’s tattoos apart is her commitment to never compromise on quality for financial gain.

She values her clients’ ideas but also guides them towards better designs, ensuring the final tattoo is both remarkable and meaningful.

Essential Products

Sude’s booth is equipped with sponsored products, chosen not for their price but for their quality.

She advocates for using globally recognized brands and stresses the importance of personal preference and comfort in the selection of tattooing materials.

Favorite Styles and Themes

She has a unique affinity for incorporating green touches into her black and grey tattoos, believing green enhances healing and stands out beautifully on all skin tones.

Community and Studio

Sude owns Sei Tattoo Studio, focusing on training artists to adhere to high hygiene standards and artistic excellence.

She emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration within the tattoo industry, especially in Istanbul.

Memorable Anecdotes

Sharing a humorous incident, Sude recounts a tale of a tattoo trial that ended with a model seeking removal due to a curse from his mother, highlighting the unexpected situations tattoo artists can encounter.

Tattoo Conventions

Sude credits tattoo conventions as pivotal moments in her career, allowing her to meet and learn from artists worldwide, enhancing her expertise through direct experience and feedback.

Collaboration with Xtreme

Sude is excited about the upcoming release of a set of inks named after her by Xtreme.

This collaboration, born from her initiative to improve grey tones, marks a significant achievement in her career.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

She encourages aspiring tattoo artists to develop their artistic skills and adhere to hygiene standards, emphasizing the importance of a strong art background and ethical practices in the tattooing profession.

Inspiration and Goals

Sude is driven by the goal to train professional artists and establish high hygiene standards globally.

She remains committed to leaving a lasting impact in the tattoo industry through continuous growth and participation in festivals.

Tattooing Sector in Turkey

Sude highlights the talent within Turkey’s tattooing community, mentioning the visa challenges that limit international exposure and advocating for greater opportunities for artists to travel and share their work globally.

Personal Insights

Born in 1995, Sude enjoys growing plants and has a humorous perspective on her own minimal tattoos, expressing a casual attitude towards getting inked herself, despite her professional dedication.

Do you want more information?

For more information, you can read the full interview in Tattoo Love, issue #33.

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