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Ivan Trapiani, from Padua, Italy, is a tattoo artist whose journey from the 90s, tattooing friends in an old pub, to owning a studio renowned for its hygienic standards, encapsulates his deep-rooted passion and artistry in tattooing. Specializing in Trash Polka and Black and Grey Realism, Trapiani’s work is a testament to his artistic experimentation and education in the Venetian school. As he approaches 50, his life resonates with a profound love for metal music, art, and family, showcasing his multifaceted identity as an exceptional artist and a contemplative individual.

Trapiani’s artistic journey began with airbrush graphics, leading him to the tattoo world out of fascination. His expertise in Trash Polka and Black and Grey Realism was honed through a decade-long education in various art forms. His work, deeply personal and reflective of his subconscious, often requires trust and freedom from his clients to fully capture their desires.

Continually evolving in skill and creativity, Trapiani embraces the ever-changing tattoo landscape, driven by a thirst to grasp the nuances of this art form. His collaboration with Matteo Pasqualin on a complex combo project highlights the significant challenges and achievements in his career.

Opening his own studio in 1999 in Padua was a milestone marked by innovation and a commitment to high standards. A poignant client interaction, involving a friend’s suicide, underscores the emotional depth and personal connections within his work. While conventions have shifted, Trapiani values guest spots and interactions with artists internationally, finding inspiration in artificial intelligence and new artistic possibilities.

As he turns 50, Trapiani’s love for metal and classical music, alongside a unique tattoo of a skull with a swimming shark, reflect his complex personality. He cherishes memories of Herbert Hofman and dreams of tattooing a shaman for spiritual exploration. Describing himself as a dreamer, stubborn, and solitary, Trapiani’s priorities in a cataclysm would be his family, a pencil, a lighter, and a fishing rod, emphasizing his protective and resourceful nature.

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