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Mirza Delibegović, a Canadian tattoo artist with roots in Bosnia, ex-Yugoslavia, shares his journey into the world of tattooing, which began as a suggestion from his wife upon seeing his drawings. This sparked a transition from various art forms to tattooing, starting with a simple tattoo kit and leading to professional dedication. Delibegović emphasizes the importance of a good reference image for hyper-realism, patience in focusing on small areas, and the necessity of continuous learning and adapting from peers and industry trends.

Participating in conventions, despite initial social anxiety, proved pivotal for his growth, allowing him to compare his work with others, win awards, and make invaluable connections. He shares stories behind two significant pieces: a commentary on corruption in organized religion and a vibrant piece inspired by a friend’s wedding. Delibegović’s approach involves using opaque gray for a unique, printed-on-skin look, advising artists to take their time with designs to achieve memorable tattoos.

Excited about upcoming collaborations with Eric Koch and Liz Collinson, Delibegović reflects on his challenging yet formative childhood in Bosnia, shaped by war but also filled with fond memories. His hobbies and music preferences, alongside tattoos commemorating his son and Slavic heritage, offer a glimpse into the personal life that influences his artistry.

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