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Monique Elizabeth DesRoches, a tattoo artist from Dallas, Texas, shares her journey into the world of tattooing, revealing that her passion for tattooing and drawing led her to become a tattoo artist at the age of 21. Over her 6-year career, she has specialized in colorful rose tattoos, which allow her to combine technical skills with artistic expression.

Monique’s creative process involves collaborating with clients, considering their body type and skin tone, and creating designs inspired by online floral references. She values the collaborative aspect of tattooing and enjoys making adjustments to ensure clients are happy with the final result.

The most rewarding aspects of being a tattoo artist for Monique are helping people feel more comfortable in their bodies and connecting with diverse individuals. She believes that tattoos can boost people’s confidence and serve as a common denominator for building connections.

Monique has participated in tattoo conventions across the United States, where she enjoys meeting fellow tattoo artists and finding inspiration in their work.

While she doesn’t yet have her own studio, Monique plans to open one within the next three years. She looks forward to this exciting endeavor.

Memorable experiences in her career involve deep conversations with clients who seek tattoos for personal reasons, such as commemorating lost loved ones or fulfilling bucket list dreams. The challenging part of her job revolves around mastering the various technical aspects of tattooing, such as machine settings, needles, and color application.

Monique encourages aspiring tattoo artists not to give up, as the initial challenges are worth the fulfillment and opportunities that come with being a tattoo artist. She emphasizes the industry’s current renaissance and the willingness of established artists to help newcomers.

In personal insights, Monique shares her age (31) and hobbies, which include traveling and reading romance or thriller novels. She enjoys early 2000s pop music for its nostalgia and has a humorous tattoo related to the movie “Dude, Where’s My Car?” Finally, Monique expresses her desire to tattoo the inspiring Sammi Jefcoate.

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To read the full interview with Monique Elizabeth DesRoches and explore her colorful rose tattoos and more, check out Tattoo Love magazine issue number 30.

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