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Kyle Warwick, a tattoo artist from Cambridge, shares his journey in the world of tattoos, revealing that he initially had no interest in tattoos and was a graffiti artist. His career as a tattoo artist began when a tattoo artist invited him to give it a try, and since then, he fell in love with the profession and has evolved both in his style and personality over the past 7 years.

Along with his business partner, Alexandra Hugianu, Kyle owns his tattoo studio, All Known Tattoo Collective. The studio stands out for its team of high-quality artists who cover a wide variety of styles, and they are focused on leaving a legacy in the industry.

Kyle’s tattoo style is described in three words: “authentic graffiti portraits.” His unique style developed from his adolescent experiences, which included the influence of his mother as a portrait artist and his love for graffiti and Hip Hop culture.

Kyle loves the tattoo community and the opportunities to travel and meet new people that the tattoo industry provides. However, he dislikes the presence of opportunists in the industry and advocates for having tattoo convention judges with genuine credentials.

Regarding the tattoo industry in his city, Kyle notes that Cambridge doesn’t have the best tattoo community compared to other cities in the UK, but they are working to change that and foster a more artistic and rebellious culture in the city.

Kyle shares some personal aspects, including his age (30 years), hobbies, favorite music, and humorous stories about tattoos he did as an apprentice. He also jokingly mentions that he is an alien from outer space.

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To read the full interview with Kyle Warwick and learn more about his unique approach to tattooing and his studio, All Known Tattoo Collective, don’t miss Tattoo Love magazine issue number 30.

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