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In issue 28 of Tattoo Love magazine (Spanish edition), we interviewed Miguel Ameliach. Here is a summary of the artist based on that interview:

Miguel Ameliach is a prominent Venezuelan tattoo artist residing in Luxembourg, whose passion for the art of tattooing began in his adolescence, influenced by the Venezuelan rock scene and shows like Miami Ink.

At the age of 20, he decided to professionalize, starting his career with a basic course in a professional studio.

His initial interest in Oriental tattooing evolved into black and white and color realism, thanks to the influence of colleagues like Axel Lopez and his adaptation to the European market.

Ameliach has been influenced by various artists, including Darwin Enriquez, Shige, and Nikko Hurtado.

His technique in realism has developed through observation and practice, especially in Europe, where he focused on black and white realism due to local demand.

His international experience, working in different countries and with various artists, has enriched his art and approach to tattooing.

He has noticed cultural differences in the perception and demand for realistic tattoos between Venezuela, Luxembourg, and the United States, highlighting the support for artists in Venezuela and the visibility of tattoos in professional sectors in Luxembourg.


Regarding his creative process, Ameliach emphasizes the importance of the quality of the photo and its adaptation to the body for realistic portraits.

He works closely with his clients to reflect their vision in the final design, using tools like Procreate for preliminary sketches.

With 14 years of experience, Ameliach easily adapts to different environments and work teams.

He advises emerging tattoo artists to be patient and focus on learning and improving. In technical terms, he considers the balance between realism and durability as the biggest challenge in realistic tattooing.

Among his memorable stories, he highlights winning first place at the Paris convention with a client. He manages client expectations with honesty, recommending other artists if necessary.

Currently, Ameliach focuses on his studio, Atlas Tattoo Studio, in Luxembourg, and aspires to consolidate and expand it.

He sees an interesting future for realistic tattooing with the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Personally, he balances his life with activities like Jiu-Jitsu and stays motivated by the constant evolution and learning in tattooing.

At 34 years old, he enjoys diving, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and rock.

His first tattoo, a black star, holds special meaning as his introduction to the art of tattooing.

Ameliach defines himself as pragmatic, curious, and ambitious, and would like to have dinner with tattoo pioneer Filip Leu.

His life could be represented by Bon Jovi songs, and if he could tattoo a celebrity, he would choose someone who represents an interesting challenge.

Complete interview in Tattoo Love 28 (Spanish edition)

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