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The tattoo artist featured in issue number 29 of the Spanish magazine “Tattoo Love” is a unique and accomplished artist from Cerdanyola (Barcelona), with a significant presence in the worlds of tattooing and painting. Here’s a descriptive summary about her:

Start in Tattooing: Her interest in tattooing began over 10 years ago, influenced by a tattoo artist who attended her classes. Despite her initial prejudices, her curiosity led her to explore this art form.

Background and Style: She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and worked in art galleries in various countries. Her specialization in realistic tattoos is a natural extension of her painting work.

Key Elements for Realistic Tattoos: She emphasizes the importance of good composition, light and color contrasts, and prefers working in larger sizes.

Influence of Painting: Her experience as a painter is crucial in her work, especially in color and black and grey techniques. She values the ability to draw and study forms for better understanding and representation on skin.

Memorable Experiences: She has had a range of experiences, from challenging clients to tattooing celebrities like singer Jennifer Rojo.

Maintaining Her Unique Style: She combines current trends with her personal style, filtering them through her own creativity and experience.

Exhibitions and Painting Sales: She has sold many works in Spain and currently sells primarily in the UK and France.

Advice for Emerging Artists: She recommends learning to draw, visiting museums, and studying the classics.

Micropigmentation and Microaesthetic Services: Offers a wide range of services, including free work for breast cancer survivors.

Most Rewarding Aspects: She finds great satisfaction in creative pieces and in helping women feel complete again after a mastectomy.

Future Projects: She is interested in exploring more radical compositions on skin.

Work Team: She works with a diverse team in her studio (La Rubia Tattoo, Cerdanyola – Barcelona), including other tattoo artists, an aesthetician, and customer service staff

Recommendations for Setting Up a Studio: She advises working for others due to the difficulties of being self-employed in Spain.

Personal Aspects: She has a wide range of interests and hobbies, from flying to attending museums and concerts. She does not have any significant personal tattoos.

Personal Definition: She describes herself as work-addicted, perfectionist, and active.

In Case of Cataclysm: She would choose to save her brother, Antoine, Paqui, and her cats.

This artist represents a blend of talent, experience, and a unique perspective in the world of tattooing, maintaining a balance between artistic tradition and modern trends.

Her passion for art and her commitment to quality and creativity make her a prominent figure in her field.

Complete Interview

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