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In issue number 29 of Tattoo Love magazine (Spanish edition), Silvano Fiato is featured on the cover and interviewed. We provide you with a summary of his story, preferences, techniques, etc.

Silvano Fiato is a prominent tattoo artist from Genoa, known for his exceptional skill in realistic art.

Since childhood, he showed a great interest in drawing and painting, and his fascination with tattoos was influenced by his great-grandfather who was tattooed.

Fiato turned his passion into his profession, drawing inspiration from artists like Robert Hernández. He specialized in the realistic style when he opened his studio at the age of twenty, a style that was novel in the tattoo world at that time.

Fiato is distinguished by his ability to create vibrant colors and intense blacks in his tattoos, a result of constant updating and improvement in his techniques, as well as the use of high-quality materials.

Influenced by artists like Caravaggio, Fiato seeks inspiration in various forms of art, including photography, cooking, music, and cinema.

His creative process involves close collaboration with his clients, transforming their emotions and feelings into body art. Additionally, he uses artificial intelligence to create images for his projects.

Fiato has received significant recognition, such as the certificate for “artistic merits” from the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome and a mention in Forbes New York.

He takes pride in every tattoo he does, without preferring one in particular, although he has an affinity for horror and dark pieces.

He faces the constant challenge of staying up-to-date and surpassing himself.

He advises emerging artists to aspire to be the best in their field, highlighting the importance of ambition, sacrifice, respect, and dedication.

Fiato observes trends in the tattoo world but emphasizes the importance of keeping an open mind and learning from all styles.

He has developed his own line of tattoo care products, “Silver Tattoo Care,” in collaboration with dermatologists, focusing on quality from the beginning to the end of the tattoo process.

In his personal life, Fiato is immersed in the tattoo world, finding inspiration in his everyday life.

He can be contacted through his email, website, and social networks, and works mainly in his studio, Eternal Tattoo Studio, in Genoa.

Although his waiting list is long, he also collaborates with a studio in London.

Fiato encourages tattoo artists to work without watching the clock and to strive to improve every day.

In his personal life, he has several hobbies like painting, cooking, and photography, although he admits he doesn’t always have time for them.

He describes himself as ambitious, respectful, and combative, and if he had to save something in a cataclysm, he would choose his three children and three objects with sentimental value given by his parents.

Check out Silvano Fiato’s interview in Tattoo Love 29

CLICK HERE to access the full interview and see some of his incredible tattoos.

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