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Domantas Parvainis, a tattoo artist from Lithuania, shared his fascinating journey in the world of tattoos in a recent interview. Before delving into the art of tattooing, Domantas didn’t have the vision of becoming a tattoo artist. His early years were marked by a passion for drawing and sculpture, skills he developed from a young age. Interestingly, his father, who worked as a taxidermist, played a significant role in his artistic inspiration. Watching his father meticulously shape small but crucial pieces for sculptures instilled in him an appreciation for patience and attention to detail.

Domantas attended an art school from the age of 12, providing him with a solid foundation in the visual arts. However, after his graduation, he took a several-year break from drawing and painting to focus on his passion for skateboarding. It wasn’t until he moved to Denmark to pursue higher education as a multimedia designer that he rediscovered his love for drawing.

Interest in tattooing began to take shape during his time in Denmark, where he had friends with tattoos. Although the idea of trying tattooing himself crossed his mind, he knew he needed professional guidance to enter this world. He immersed himself in books and online resources, accumulating the knowledge and skills necessary to take his first steps into tattooing.

Over time, Domantas became an experienced tattoo artist and feels more relaxed after 12 years in the industry. He focuses on giving his best in every tattoo without putting excessive pressure on himself, which has contributed to his success and satisfaction in the profession. Tattooing has become an essential part of his life, and he can’t imagine doing anything else.

When asked about the weirdest or funniest tattoos he has had to do, Domantas can’t recall any particular incident. Currently, he primarily dedicates himself to serious and large projects of his choice.

Regarding his influences and style, Domantas constantly seeks inspiration from references he finds on the internet, TV shows, and movies. His main focus is on realism, but he also values the durability of his tattoos. In addition to realism, he has a strong affinity for surrealism, allowing him to explore a wide range of possibilities in his work.

Domantas also considers himself passionate about music, photography, and cinematography, which contributes to his creativity. Besides his career in tattooing, he enjoys drawing and digital painting in his spare time, occasionally selling prints of his work.

As for his future in the tattoo industry, Domantas aims to continue improving in terms of technique, art, and personal growth. He also hopes to contribute to the tattoo community by supporting new artists and helping build a true community. While it’s challenging to predict what the tattoo world will be like in 10 years, Domantas remains committed to his evolution.

The tattoo scene in Lithuania is constantly growing, with a wide range of emerging artists in different styles. Domantas believes that being from Lithuania may have influenced his ability to face challenges and express himself through his art.

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In summary, Domantas Parvainis is a tattoo artist from Lithuania with an inspiring story and a distinctive artistic style. His passion for tattooing, combined with his diverse influences and artistic skills, makes him a prominent figure in the world of tattoos. For more details about his journey and perspectives, you can read the full interview in issue number 30 of Tattoo Love magazine.

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