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Professional Trajectory

James Randall’s tattoo career began in 2018, after volunteering in tattoo studios. He started with an apprenticeship and has always strived to be the best artist he can be. In 2021, he had the opportunity to purchase Degenerate Art Tattoo Studio, a place that had captivated him since being tattooed there six years earlier.

Style and Techniques

James’s tattoos are known for their realism and vibrant use of color. He initially gravitated toward black and grey realism but expanded into experimenting with color in both oil painting and tattooing. This allowed him to push the boundaries of his art, focusing on achieving contrast and rich tones in his color tattoos.

Inspiration and Creativity

James draws inspiration from various sources, including art, oil painting, and other tattoo artists. He particularly finds compositional inspiration in traditional Japanese tattoos. When collaborating with clients, he often starts with a rough theme or concept and refines it based on their feedback.

Client Experience

To ensure a personalized and comfortable experience, Degenerate Art Tattoo Studio conducts consultations with clients to discuss ideas, prices, and the process. They also schedule artwork viewing sessions a week before tattoo appointments. Private rooms are available to maximize comfort.

Challenges and Achievements

James believes in making every tattoo a challenge. Recently, he introduced new colors into his palette, presenting a healthy challenge in working with unfamiliar hues. He considers himself his biggest critic and focuses on self-improvement.

Trends and Evolution

James sees tattoo art continually evolving and believes that aftercare will see more developments in the near future. He aims to challenge his color palette and composition while also exploring more traditional tattooing techniques.

Educational Aspects and Advice

For aspiring tattoo artists, James advises staying humble, working hard, and stepping out of their comfort zones to experience personal growth.

Vision and Future

The future of Degenerate Art Studios looks bright, with a focus on providing top-notch service, personal and artistic development, and fun. While expansion of the studio is unlikely, continuous artistic development remains a priority.

Personal Questions

  • Age: 28
  • Hobbies: Painting
  • Favorite music: Sigur Rós
  • James has a tattoo of his wife’s initials close to a unique location, bringing personal meaning to his ink.
  • If his life were a movie or soundtrack, he likens it to “A Knight’s Tale.”
  • His dream dinner guest from the tattoo world would be Nikko Hurtado for his knowledge and legendary status.
  • If he could tattoo any famous person, he’d choose Robin Williams without needing an explanation.
  • James defines himself in three words: Chill, Ambitious, Driven.
  • In a cataclysm, he’d save his wife, nan, and father-in-law, along with his easel, paint, and tattoo machine.

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