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In issue 29 of Tattoo Love magazine (Spanish edition), we had the pleasure of interviewing Alexander Kuzmin (Shrewsbury). This is a summary of the interview conducted:

Name and Origin: Sasha, also known as Alexander Kuzmin, is a 31-year-old tattoo artist from Belarus.

Start in Tattooing: He began tattooing 11 years ago, learning on his own at home following a casual recommendation.

Tattoo Style: His style is a blend of realism and fantastical elements, hard to define but with a dreamlike quality. He is inspired by various tattoo styles.

Techniques and Influences: He developed his own techniques for achieving vibrant colors, influenced by artists like H.R. Giger and bio-organic art, as well as conceptual and digital art.

Creative Process: Starts with an idea or feeling, searching for images that match, and lets the design evolve naturally. In collaborations, he prioritizes commitment and creativity.

Memorable Experiences: Highlights the moment when people from other countries began seeking him out for tattoos. He is proud of a specific piece on the forearm.

Challenges and Learning: Each tattoo represents a challenge and an opportunity to push the limits of what’s possible on the skin. He advises emerging artists to focus on both technique and artistry.

Trends and Future: He is interested in trends of black liquid work, calligraphy, and black work in general.

Tattoo Care: Recommends sunscreen and a good skin care routine, using quality aftercare products.

Personal Life: His personal and professional lives are intertwined, surrounded by artists. He enjoys disconnecting occasionally, especially from his phone.

Work and Contact: Works at Inner Darkness Tattoos in Shrewsbury and can be contacted through his website. He has participated in international conventions.

Personal Project: Undertakes an art project where he creates an original drawing for each client.

Personal Tattoos and Hobbies: Has a special tattoo done by his wife, a portrait of Danny Devito dressed as Shrek. His hobbies include gaming, drawing, gym, and spending time with his pets.

Professional Philosophy: Refuses to tattoo if he doesn’t like the idea or the person. His motivation is continual discovery in the tattoo world.

Inspirations and Career Alternatives: Inspired by comics, heavy metal and orchestral music, and science fiction and fantasy books. If not a tattoo artist, he would be an entrepreneur.

Personality and Preferences: Describes himself as “just a guy,” with no superstitions and several quirks. His ideal life would be a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

Choices in a Cataclysm: Would save his family and pets, and if possible, his Steam Deck.

In summary, Sasha is a passionate and self-taught tattoo artist, with a unique style that blends realism and fantasy. He values creativity, artistic evolution, and personal connection with his clients and his art. His personal and professional lives are deeply intertwined, and he remains inspired and motivated by constant learning and discovery in his field.

Do you want to know more about Alexander Kuzmin?

He works at Inner Darkness Tattoos in Shrewsbury.

You can contact him through his website: kuzmintattoo.com

Interviewed at Tattoo Love Spain

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