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In issue 28 of Tattoo Love magazine (Spanish edition), we had the pleasure of interviewing Sumok Kim (USA & Canada). This is a summary of the interview conducted:

Introduction and Background

  • Name: Sumok Kim
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Career: 8 years in tattooing, working between Toronto and New York.
  • Start: Inspired by the movie ‘Mad Max’, he began tattooing seeking financial stability but ended up falling in love with the art.

Style and Technique

  • Specialization: Realistic tattoos with an emphasis on surrealism.
  • Techniques: Use of various needle sizes, especially mag needles for animal fur textures.
  • Influences: Admiration for French tattoo artist Ossian Staraj.

Creative Process

  • Design: Detailed consultations with clients, designs on iPad, typically takes about 3 days.
  • Collaboration: Adapting to the client’s figure and preferences.

Experiences and Projects

  • Memorable: Attendance at tattoo conventions, notably one in London, Canada.
  • Pride: Asian-style realistic tattoo on a close friend, winning awards at a convention.

Challenges and Learning

  • Challenges: Time demand and physical strain in his style of work.
  • Advice for Emerging Artists: Importance of correct posture for high-quality results.

Trends and Future

  • Current Interests: Tattoos of portraits and human faces.

Advice and Recommendations

  • Tattoo Care: Follow the artist’s instructions, maintain cleanliness, and avoid extreme efforts in the first month.

Personal Life and Hobbies

  • Balance: Life centered around tattooing, with little free time but satisfied.
  • Hobbies: Enjoys drinking with his fiancée after work.
  • Personal Tattoo: A shark on his arm, symbolizing motivation to keep moving forward.


  • Instagram: @Sumok_tattooer
  • Work: Chronic Ink in Canada, soon in New York.


  • Inspiration: The book ‘The Secret’, movies like ‘Mad Max’.
  • Alternative Profession: Actor.
  • Personality: Described as “Work, Tattoo, Addict”.
  • Superstitions: Avoids stepping on manhole covers and white lines at crossroads.

Interviewed at Tattoo Love Spain

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