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In issue 28 of Tattoo Love magazine (Spanish edition), we had the pleasure of interviewing Dean Gunther (Manchester). This is a summary of the interview conducted:

Early Career and Path:

  • Artistic Passion from a Young Age: Intrigued by tattoos early on, his first tattoo was done by someone just out of prison, sparking his interest in tattooing.
  • Current Location: Based in Manchester, UK, in his own studio alongside his partner and guest artists. He also travels globally for tattooing.

Style and Influences:

  • Realistic Color Style: Focused on this style in the last 5 years, inspired by artists like Steve Butcher, Mike de Vries, among others.
  • Most Challenging Tattoo: Tattooing a pair of Nike shoes freehand on a client’s feet.

Experiences and Learning:

  • Travels: Has traveled across Europe and the USA, gaining inspiration and enthusiasm from other artists.
  • Significant Award: Winner of “Best of Show” at Liverpool Convention 2022, a significant achievement for him.

Advice for Young Tattoo Artists:

  • Discipline and Respect: Advises against drugs and alcohol, respecting experienced tattoo artists, and staying away from online drama.

Tattoo Scene in Manchester and Globally:

  • Exponential Growth: Acknowledges the emerging talent and the challenge of finding loyal apprentices. Prefers to keep his circle small.

Anecdotes and Personal Life:

  • Anecdotes: Shares unusual experiences with clients, including a woman who self-injected anesthesia during her session.
  • Hobbies: Engages in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, enjoys painting, nature, and charcoal and graphite sketches.

Cultural Influence:

  • Impact of South Africa and the UK on His Art: Moving to the UK significantly boosted his career, offering a more enriching artistic environment.

Work-Life Balance:

  • Focus on Well-being and Job Selection: Works with one client per day and takes rest days in between. Avoids jobs that don’t excite him.

Musical Preferences at Work:

  • Musical Variety: Listens to everything from podcasts to a wide range of music, avoiding headphones to not impersonalize the client experience.

Favorite Tattoo and Creativity:

  • Favorite Personal Tattoo: A sword on his leg, his first tattoo.
  • Creative Block: Regularly faces it, overcoming it through practice and preparation.

Personal Philosophy and Career Alternatives:

  • No Superstitions and Work Habits: Focuses on morning training and discipline.
  • Alternate Career Path: Would have been interested in carpentry or working with wild, dangerous animals.

Tattoo Community:

  • Love for Creative Freedom: Values individual expression in the tattoo community and advocates for originality and authenticity in art.

Personal Description and Dreams:

  • Describes Himself as Spontaneous, Adventurous, Dreamer.
  • Famous Persons to Tattoo: Would choose Jim Carrey and Bruce Lee.

Life Vision and Advice:

  • Life Advice: Advocates for sobriety and facing life with positivity and authenticity, always remembering one’s cultural roots.

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Do you want to take a look at the entire interview in detail? Click on the magazine to view it (in Spanish) or CLICK HERE.

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