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Hello, tattoo artist community!

In the art of tattooing, continuous learning is key to developing and refining techniques. We’d like to know if you have taken any courses to improve your tattooing skills and, if so, what your preference is regarding the learning mode.

The response options are:

  1. Yes, I prefer online courses
  2. Yes, I prefer in-person courses
  3. Yes, I have no preference between online or in-person
  4. No, I haven’t taken any courses

Your participation in this survey will help us better understand learning preferences and professional development within the tattoo artist community.

We highly value your opinion and experience!

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Thank You for Participating in Our Survey

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! Understanding your preferences in terms of training and improving tattoo techniques is essential to support the growth and development of our artistic community.

If you have additional comments about your experience with tattoo courses, whether online or in-person, or any other aspect related to your professional development, we invite you to leave a comment at the end of this page. Your knowledge and experiences are a valuable source of information and motivation for other tattoo artists.

Together, we can continue to promote excellence and innovation in the world of tattooing.

We look forward to your comments and contributions!

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