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For us, without a doubt, Luigi Mansi is one of the best color hyperrealism tattoo artists in the world.

We had the pleasure of interviewing him in issue 15 of Tattoo Love magazine (June 2023 – Spanish Edition) and, in addition to seeing that he is a spectacular tattoo artist, he is a very pleasant person.

Here, we present a summary of the interview, highlighting key aspects of his career and artistic philosophy.

Career Turning Point

The tattoo he did of Will Smith marked a before and after in his career, being his first high-level color tattoo.

Subsequently, a tattoo of John Wick gave him greater notoriety, even being mentioned on the famous Joe Rogan podcast.

Unusual Inspiration

The Weeknd, the musical artist who started from scratch and has become one of the most listened to globally, inspires the tattoo artist.

He admires his passion, dedication, and skill in communication and marketing, applying these principles to the world of tattooing.

Approach for First Tattoos

For first-time tattoo clients, he prioritizes a detailed description of the desired design, followed by an in-depth search of photographs to conceptualize the tattoo.

He uses Photoshop to assemble and perfect the final design.

Overcoming Artistic Block

He experienced a block when he felt limited with black and white tattoo technique. Transitioning to color provided him with new stimuli and improvements in his technique.

Reward in the Art of Tattooing

For him, the most rewarding thing is the love for the art of tattooing.

Even with financial success, his passion for tattooing remains intact.

Desired Changes in the Industry

He would advocate for the abolition of contests at tattoo conventions, considering them generators of anxiety and frustration, and believes they do not significantly contribute to professional development.

Advice for Emerging Artists

Consistency is key. He recommends tattooing at least 4 to 5 days a week to improve skills, even on synthetic skins if there are no real clients.

Desired Legacy

He aspires to be an icon and inspiration in the world of tattooing for emerging artists.

Personal Artistic Style

Since childhood, he has specialized in portraits, only changing the canvas from paper to skin.

He prefers color tattoos because he considers them more artistic than black and white ones.

Career Advice in Tattooing

He emphasizes the importance of constant practice and suggests attending private seminars with prominent artists to improve skills.

Future Vision

He plans to open a drawing and tattoo school in the future and currently offers online seminars and private courses to share his knowledge and skills.

In summary

Luigi Mansi is characterized by his focus on color realism, a constant search for growth and improvement in his art, and a genuine commitment to his passion, making him an inspiring figure for both tattoo enthusiasts and professionals.

Do you want to see more tattoos by Luigi Mansi (Italy) as well as the interview conducted in June 2023 in the Spanish edition of Tattoo Love magazine? Click here.

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