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  • Dates: The event will take place from August 30 to September 1, 2024.
  • Location: Messe Halle Schnelsen, in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Event Description: This event is a celebration for tattoo enthusiasts and metal music lovers. It offers a unique experience where ink meets music. Attendees will enjoy the magic of over 200 talented artists, participate in exciting tattoo contests judged by legends like Grindesign, Robert Hernandez, and Mr.Dist, and rock out to the powerful rhythms of bands such as Rotting Christ, among many others.
  • Target Audience: The event is aimed at both artists who wish to showcase their talent and metal fans looking to enjoy music and art. It’s an ideal place for immersing oneself in art and music.
  • Booth Registration: Registrations for booths are now open.

For more information, you can visit the Tattoo Titans Hamburg website.

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