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  • Dates: The event will take place from May 31 to June 2, 2024.
  • Location: Mostra d’Oltremare, Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy 54, Naples 80125, Italy.
  • Event Description: After years of absence in the Neapolitan scene, the Napoli Tattoo Expo has been reinstated through the collaboration of Urban Land Tattoo Expo Roma, now in its eighth edition, and the renowned La Catedral studio from Ercolano (NA). This event represents the fusion of two physically distant but emotionally close realities and aims to be a space for artistic experimentation, cultural exchange, and creativity, illuminated by leading figures in the world of tattooing.
  • Space and Activities: The expo will unfold on the fertile ground of the Mostra d’Oltremare, a prestigious location that has established itself as the best site in the wonderful reality of Naples, hosting events of international relevance and importance.
  • Participation: Tattoo artists and vendors interested in participating can complete an application form. The prices for booths vary depending on the size and type, with options ranging from 550 euros for a tattoo artist booth to 2150 euros for a jumbo booth.

For more information, you can visit the Napoli Tattoo Expo Urban website.

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