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Hello, tattoo artists!

In the world of body art, valuing your work is essential. We’re interested in learning about your experiences with clients regarding price negotiations. That’s why we’ve prepared this survey for professional tattoo artists: Do your clients usually haggle or ask for discounts when they want to get a tattoo?

The response options are:

  1. No, never
  2. Yes, always
  3. Sometimes, if the tattoo is large
  4. Yes, more often with small tattoos

Your response will help us better understand the commercial dynamics in the tattoo world and how artists like you handle these situations.

We appreciate your participation and honesty!

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Thank You for Participating in Our Survey

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Understanding how professional tattoo artists handle price negotiations is crucial for a better grasp of business practices in the tattoo industry.

If you have any stories, advice, or just want to share more about your experiences with clients regarding pricing, we encourage you to leave a comment at the end of this page. Your experiences and advice are valuable to us and to other professionals in the field.

Together, we can gain a clearer insight into trends and practices in the tattoo world.

We look forward to your comments and contributions!

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