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Discover Silver Tattoo Care: Premium Products by Master Tattoo Artist Silvano Fiato

Silvano Fiato is a tattoo artist from Genoa (Italy) and is one of the best tattoo artists in the world for realistic tattoos, both in color and black-gray.

His experience and high standards to achieve the best results in his tattoos have led him to create his own line of tattoo care products, “Silver Tattoo Care”, collaborating with dermatologists and focusing on quality from the beginning to the end of the tattoo process.

Below, we show you the different products, distributed internationally.

Silver Cream from Silver Care

This cream contains excellent ingredients for the treatment of newly tattooed skin, including Panthenol, Argan Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid, which accelerate the healing process while keeping the tattoo colors vivid and intact.

The Silver Tattoo Care Cream soothes irritated skin, improving its elasticity and firmness, and also has antibacterial and regenerative properties.

Silver Oil from Silver Care

It is essential to keep tattooed skin well hydrated after healing to ensure that the colors remain vivid and bright.

The Silver Tattoo Care Oil does not leave the skin greasy or shiny.

Fast-absorbing and softening, this completely natural product, enriched with vitamins A and E, offers antioxidant and remineralizing benefits.

It is the ideal product to keep your tattoo always in perfect condition.

Silver Soap from Silver Care

This cleanser has been specially designed for cleaning tattoos during the delicate healing phase.

It respects the skin’s pH without causing irritation and has an antibacterial action thanks to Icelandic Lichen, an active ingredient known for its healing properties.

The Silver Tattoo Care Soap ensures excellent recovery for all skin types.

Do you want detailed information or to buy these tattoo care products?

We recommend visiting Silviano Fiato’s store.

Comments from Tattoo Love

At Tattoo Love, we have had the opportunity to try these products and can guarantee that they are of exceptional quality.

Dare to use them and you will see how you can’t stop using them!

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