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Introducing the first of the two June issues of Tattoo Love magazine!

This edition is 100% in spanish, with 500 pages featuring the best of the best from the spanish tattoo scene.

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What can you find in this edition of Tattoo Love magazine, Tattoo Love 38?

In this edition of Tattoo Love, Tattoo Love 38, you will discover a variety of content. We detail it below:

  • Recommended material by various collaborating artists of Tattoo Love for tattooing.
  • Opinion Article: “The Case of A Coruña.” What happened in A Coruña and what was the reaction of some tattoo artists? We offer our sincere opinion on the events and the potential consequences if measures are not taken. Additionally, some collaborating artists comment on the current legislation in Spain and health inspections. If you are a professional tattoo artist in Spain, you CANNOT miss this article because, believe me, it will affect you at some point.
  • Interview with Iván Ruotolo (Barcelona): a tattoo artist specializing in microrrealism and black-and-white realism. His tattoos are full of exquisite details!
  • Interview with Jesús Feliz (Granada): the current owner of Puro Love Tattoo talks to us about his beginnings, his vision of the tattoo world, and shows us some of his works between anime and realism.
  • Interview with Juan Ruiz (Albacete and Madrid): with notable personal and professional evolution, you can enjoy an original conversation and impressive blackwork and new school tattoos.
  • Interview with Mastika (Barcelona): performing geometric and ornamental tattoos in Barcelona and Berlin.
  • Interview with Mistake (Logroño and Madrid): his traditional tattoos, with a very personal touch, will not leave you indifferent.
  • Interview with Miguel Correoso (Alicante): Eme Tattoo has become one of the most prominent tattoo artists in his area and beyond, mastering both black-and-gray and color tattoos.
  • Feature: “VIP Customer Service.” Starting from an imaginary fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, we give you tips to make your clients feel they are receiving the best attention. It is not only important to tattoo well but also to ensure the client has an unforgettable experience.
  • Tattoo Gallery: a wide variety of tattoos in different styles, created by some of the collaborating tattoo artists of Tattoo Love.

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