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Discover José Maza: The Master of Realistic Tattooing

In the competitive world of tattooing, few artists have risen to prominence like José Maza. Based in Spain and also active in Germany, this talented tattoo artist has captivated the international scene with his impressive technique in black and grey styles. Influenced by masters like Da Vinci, Sorolla, and Velázquez, José has developed a unique method that combines precise contrasts and smooth shadows, creating tattoos that not only decorate the skin but also tell deep stories.

Early Passion for Art

José’s love for drawing began at a young age. It wasn’t until he revisited painting and drawing later in life that he discovered his true passion for tattooing. His dedication to the craft is evident in each piece he creates, spending countless hours studying and practicing to perfect his technique. This commitment has earned him the creative freedom of his clients, who trust his artistic vision to deliver unique and vibrant pieces.

Meticulous Design Process

José’s process for preparing a design is meticulous. He studies the anatomy of the area to be tattooed to adapt the project as perfectly as possible. His technique is based on strong contrasts, smooth shadows, and lines that define areas to prevent shadow expansion. Using undiluted pigment for effective healing, his careful approach ensures each tattoo withstands the test of time.

Client Freedom and Artistic Flow

José greatly values the creative freedom his clients grant him, which facilitates a harmonious workflow. For those interested in caring for their realistic tattoos, José advises maintaining good hydration and protecting them from the sun.

The Future of Realistic Tattooing

According to José, the future of realistic tattooing will always be bright due to the passion it inspires. He advises emerging artists to dedicate themselves passionately, push their limits, and enjoy the process.

Life Beyond Tattooing

Outside the studio, José enjoys reading and music, with interests spanning rock, jazz, soul, soundtracks, and electronic music. Given the chance to tattoo any famous person, he would choose Dua Lipa for her contributions and cultural impact, or Clint Eastwood, an iconic classic figure.


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