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Edi Contreras: The Art of Tattooing Without Limits

Dive into the world of Edi Contreras, an exceptional tattoo artist with over a decade of experience dedicated entirely to his craft. Influenced by graffiti companions and art school peers, Edi has developed a unique and versatile style that combines Black and Grey with touches of color and abstract elements. In this interview, Edi shares his journey, challenges, inspiration, and vision for the future, giving us an intimate look into his life and work.

A Decade of Passion and Evolution

Edi Contreras has been fully dedicated to tattooing for approximately 10 years, inspired by friends from art school and graffiti. His journey in tattooing began with color, but over time he found a comfort and mastery in Black and Grey styles. Today, he skillfully combines both techniques, adding geometric and abstract elements to create his distinctive style.

Tattoo Style and Technique

Edi defines his style as freestyle, a blend of Black and Grey with occasional color. He finds realism particularly challenging due to the precision required in symmetry and placement. His design process always starts with the client’s idea, adding his personal touch to exceed their expectations.

Inspirations and Influences

Fashion and contemporary art trends inspire Edi, alongside the timeless works of old masters. This blend of old and new keeps his art at the forefront of the industry. Edi also values personal client interactions, which was the foundation of his successful studio in Mallorca before he decided to travel more extensively.

Challenges and Client Interaction

Edi’s approach to differing client opinions is adaptive; he aims to create designs that align with the client’s vision while incorporating his artistic expertise. For first-time tattoo clients, he advises finding a specialist in the desired style and giving them creative freedom for the best results.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Currently, Edi tattoos in the Balearic Islands and various German cities like Munich, Frankfurt, and Leipzig. His future plans include guest spots at studios in the USA, particularly in New York, a dream he has had since starting his career. Edi is excited about participating in major conventions across the USA and Europe.

Social Media and Personal Life

Social media plays a crucial role in Edi’s work, providing a platform to showcase his art to a wider audience. He emphasizes the importance of good photography and lighting to properly display his tattoos. Outside of tattooing, Edi enjoys photography, painting, and exploring the world, with a music preference for rap, trap, electronic, and R&B.

Personal Insights

Edi, 31, shares a personal connection with the struggles of Basquiat, feeling a similarity in their passion for creation and the challenges of being a Latin immigrant in Europe. He humorously dreams of having dinner with Megan Massacre, hoping to win her over. Describing himself as consistent, creative, and adaptive, Edi offers motivational words to aspiring tattoo artists, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, health, and appreciating small daily achievements.


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